Looking for a professional Magician for your event in Perth or Western Australia?

Need a corporate floorshow, a shopping centre magic spectacular, a festival stage show or even a kids party magician? Let us help you find exactly the right magic
show for your event. You won’t be dealing with a booking agency or entertainment promoter and paying extra fees. This site is run by the actual magicians who you
will meet at your show.

We understand that finding reliable, quality entertainment, especially when your booking a magician, might be a spectaculer triumph or a complete disaster depending
on who you get. Finding a magician who’s skilled or entertaining is really just the beginning. The most important place to start is finding a professional show tailored to
your type of event in your type of venue and under your circumstances.

Finding a multi-award winning magician who has not only constantly performed in virtually every type of venue and in most cases has customised shows and equipment
for each one might be easier than you think. Just follow the links below to your type of event and a tried, tested magic show designed for exactly that type of situation will
be waiting on the other side. By the way each of our magicians has many years of experience and has regularly worked both nationally and internationally performing
comedy magic shows and roving entertainment.

What type of magic show do you need?

Basically there are two types of magic show. Magic shows aimed at only adults such as corporate events, product launches, client nights, etc or shows for a children’s
or mixed family audience. Each performace could include either stage or floorshows and roving or close up entertainment. We have a website for our adult shows and
a different site for childrens and family shows.

Please find your type of venue or event below and follow the link to see the shows
and packages we have available for you.

Adult Magic Shows and Close Up Magic

Corporate Events, Dinners, Cocktail Parties, Product Launches,
Trade Shows, Theatre Shows, Restaurants,
Weddings, Social Club and Sports Club Events.

Children’s and  Family  Magic Shows

Shopping Centres, Schools, Libraries, Birthday Parties,
Festivals &  Ag Shows, Community Events, Child Care Centres,
Kindy and Pre School Shows, Children’s Theatre Shows.